sputnikpanic (sputnikpanic) wrote,

To infinity

Fahmi Is Superduper Awesome! called and I didn't pick up in time so I called Fahmi Is Superduper Awesome! back and.... "User Busy" (why is he superduper awesome anyway?) Anyway yesterday was fine and dandy. Solved a 3am mystery with Moo. That was fun! We sent Amanda off at the airport at dawn. I couldn't walk in a straight line:( Apparently. I hope she has fun partying in the USA!! We (Adaleen, Aman & Sze-ern) had breakfast at Ya Kun. French toast with Kaya!!!!! Zee bomb. And then I took the bus home in my half-asleep state. Woke up in the afternoon and met the kids in town for shopping. Nicole had her day off yay!! Bumped into Helios outside Bershka (kinda hard to miss when he's so tall) Walked through Ion without stepping into Topshop at all. Saw a couple of familiar faces. Wanted to get sneakers from New Look for school but I think I'll forget by the time I get back from Krabi *crab claw movement* I'm so excited anyway!!!!! We had dinner together with Twohill (ha-ha-ha) then shopped till our feet hurt and the stores closed. Finally slept in today:) Melted in the sun on my way to school (I miss wearing the uniform so much!!!!!!!!! I didn't realize that) to collect Richard III and pass photos to Weng. Read a little bit of the holy Monocle while waiting for pancakes. Wow it's 5.30pm already!!!!!! ACFF later, then I will live the life of a happy crab for one week♥
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