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Taken in Berlin, on our way to Sachsenhausen

Sunday - Church. I feel like I haven't been to youth since forever. Kinda miss the basement. Today's epiphany: Half the boys our age are like strangers! I'm quite curious to see how cell would turn out next year. More presents!! (Like the yummy Reese's peanut butter cups I'm eating now) We went for lunch at 126 after. "Muffins give me muffins!!!!" Came home, popped the yellow flu pill, and slept (considering how sleep-deprived I've been lately, it's amazing how I survived sermon) Woke up to the smell of the pizza that mom baked:) We watched Singapore Idol's season finale (total waste of time) and Heroes after.

Saturday - Band practice, missed the Philharmonic concert, dinner at East Coast (stingray, lala, satay bee hoon, sambal kang kong, oyster omelette, laksa, satay, po piah, sweet potato) I think one of the best things about being in a family of six is being able to order everything to share. Definitely muffin material. Walked by the wet/gross/icky beach and we all concluded that WE MISS KRABI.

Friday - Joyeux Noël!!!! We really did watch that movie by the way. Dad thought it was the perfect film for me because it was a World War I film about the French, Germans and Scottish fraternizing on Christmas eve and hence, they code-switched between the three languages. So while the credits rolled, the soldiers were singing this song in a brotherly fashion, and my dad was like all excited and "Oh what language is that in!" and I was like "....English?" Cutie pie. Oh, the rest of the day was stellar:

12am Alfi/Knp made me crave for Ice Cream Chefs
1am Family troops down to the mall to watch Avatar with our cool 3D glasses and Chipettes collectibles cup
3am Movie screen blanked right after Guy A says "Pull the plug!!!!!" to bring Jake Sully back to reality (IKR!!) Really weird kids in the theater imitate the moaning/wailing sound that Neytiri makes like every 5 seconds to wile time away
4am ish? Our 2h 40min movie officially extends to infinity and beyond but it finally ends anyway. We troop down to McDonald's for breakfast (mom was really excited about the fact that they were open 24 hours). Bryan starts talking about Supersize Me, which made me feel super sick.

I think I got so accustomed to the many "AVATAR WAS AWESOME" comments/statuses on Facebook that it was quite a letdown for me. Maybe if I had watched it in 1999, it would've been majorly epic/phenomenal?


Loved Christmas. Thanks for the gifts/cards/hugs/wishes guys<3333 And to The Big Guy Up There, you are and have always been Amazing. 

For the millionth time, Merry Christmas!!!!!

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