sputnikpanic (sputnikpanic) wrote,

Pixie dust

Morning sunshine:) I'm like way too awake now for my own good. Which would translate into absolute zombie-ism in church later. Oh well! Christmas eve was lovely. I woke up like really early in the morning to head down to town with daddykins & Bryan. Guess what we did:) I'm a happy kid with a new Mac now (^5 manzyyy) :D Oh, and before that! I surprised Jovy at her place hahaha I finally got to see her and I really wish I could've stayed longer to talk but maybe next week when we all meet up together. Party at home. I think I haven't seen the house this neat in ages. Food was <3333333333 (Turkey, Shepherd's Pie, Honey Baked Ham, the zucchini thingy, Apple Crumble, Brownies, Birthday Cake) and I miss these folks quite a bit we haven't really had our Christmas tradition in recent years because everyone's out of the country and stuff. The girls squeezed into my room to paint their nails a million colors. I'm really glad I'm not sleeping there tonight:) HAPPY BIRTHDAY EVANGELINE<3 Joeisme@hotmail.com incident. And talking about old St Hilda's. And Australia. And accents. I wrote Christmas cards while they were busy drowning my room with poisonous fumes. I think the adults were afraid we got too high. Coming from them anyway? Every five seconds they'd erupt into roaring laughter. Dad drove me over to Amanda's close to 2am. Christmas with the girls!!!:) We took all these retarded videos hahahahahahaha. Coolio mongolio in our Old Navy pj pants and funky headgear. I'm really happy because today I prayed from the bottom of my heart for the first time in what seems like an eternity. And tomorrow Bryan's getting baptized. Christmas is definitely the best holiday ever (worst being Chinese New Year) can't wait for laterrrr I'm gonna take a short two-hour nap now!

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