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After church, I took 133 down to meet Amanda outside Topshop. Popped by to say hi to Nicole, then we went on our little adventure (who am I kidding) that left painful blisters on Amanda's feet (sorry dearie). Collected film at Burlington!!!! Happykid123. We walked over to Haji Lane. Pluck, lychee martini ice cream! They were blasting awful music at the flea. I wish I brought a camera. Amanda did some Christmas shopping for her parents & Kevin and we killed time till Nic knocked off. I'm so glad the bestfriend's back! Bumped into Sapee & Shu at Topshop:) Saw Judith & Joshua. Then Samantha & Sherry at 313's Forever 21. "It's like 4 stories of heaven!!!!" (but more like 4 stories of hell for the boyfriends) We tried on the craziest pair of heels at New Look! I felt like 180cm tall wearing them. Laughed really hard on the MRT and at the "slope" I haven't laughed like that since forever. Dinner @ Amanda's, wearing our smashing new Old Navy pj's and not so smashing Temasek Junior College uniforms (kiddingggg), I submitted the Atwood assignment at 11:59pm. K's gonna love me.

I'm totally stoked for Christmas:)

But the tigers come at night
With their voices soft as thunder
As they tear your hope apart
And they turn your dream to shame
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