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Ruby Ruby Ruby Ruby Ruby

I'm crossing my fingers (and toes) that I don't pull another 6am-nighter again. Strangely enough, it only happens in Singapore. I actually woke up at 6am while we were camping by the beach in Krabi! Anyway, yesterday I realized that I actually sorta miss being home.

(cue Tumblr.com distraction)

Now I'm craving for dark chocolate ice cream. Of which you can actually taste the chocolate within. I could use like a dozen scoops or an entire pint.

Yesterday (it's 1:04am) was spent sleeping 5 hours, eating mee pok for lunch (I actually really hate this and have reinforced this notion on several occasions but my parents love to buy it for me anyway), almost crashing Fatz's war zone, wandering through Ion with Fahms (and arriving at the conclusion that every store is having a sale), studying at Lido (so far I've finished Oranges Are Not The Only Fruit and I'm slowwwly crawwwling past Chapter 7 of Housekeeping), Toffee Nut Latte (with toffee syrup finally!), passing Starbucks napkin notes, talking to Nadia!!! on the phone, browsing Facebook, spacing out, finally realizing Bad Romance was Bad Romance (it makes sense now!!!!), ayam penyet for dinner with Alfi's family hahahahahahahahaha.

Sometimes I wish I could pack all my friends into one luggage so we could all travel the world simultaneously without worrying about the different destinations we're headed to. And I realize today I've mentioned "I miss......" like only a gazillion times.

To-do list:
1. Formulate a to-do list
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