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So the game plan is............. reverse psychology on the malfunctioned body clock in Krabi, Thailand so maybe after 6 days I'll revert back to normality. Who am I kidding, that wasn't much of a plan. I'm very curious and nervous to see how the two film rolls + four special Made In Germany frames turn out!!!!! The wait is killing me, but I guess that's all part of the fun. I won't even be in Singapore to collect it myself but oh well. Today I woke up at 9am after four hours of sleep hahaha genius plan. And so much for feeling sleepy last night right? Half-explored the new 313. I hope Forever 21 opens by the time we get back. They should honestly bring in H&M there because otherwise it's almost like any other mall in town, replicated. We had lunch at Pasta de Waraku. I could've died because the portions were huge. Emerald Hill. Burlington Square. Surprised Nicole at Topshop again:) I miss that girl!

topshopsocks by you.

These are the cutest stuff ever!! (Okay Fahmi's rolling his eyes now)
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