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(RAH)² (AH)³ + [ROMA (1+MA)] + (GA)² + (OOH)(LA)² [Jan 02 2010 / 3:11pm]
Abandoning ship, sorry friends:)

Harlequin [Dec 28 2009 / 1:59am]

Summer [Dec 27 2009 / 12:04am]

Wearing oversized camp shirts over our tiny skeletons, sharing a Dr Pepper on the cruise across Elliot Bay towards Bainbridge Island, talking about everything under the sun, exchanging e-mails, exploring the woods, eating hot dogs, running wild so our toes don't freeze, acting ten.

Facebook, work your magic.

Pixie dust [Dec 25 2009 / 5:35am]
Morning sunshine:) I'm like way too awake now for my own good. Which would translate into absolute zombie-ism in church later. Oh well! Christmas eve was lovely. I woke up like really early in the morning to head down to town with daddykins & Bryan. Guess what we did:) I'm a happy kid with a new Mac now (^5 manzyyy) :D Oh, and before that! I surprised Jovy at her place hahaha I finally got to see her and I really wish I could've stayed longer to talk but maybe next week when we all meet up together. Party at home. I think I haven't seen the house this neat in ages. Food was <3333333333 (Turkey, Shepherd's Pie, Honey Baked Ham, the zucchini thingy, Apple Crumble, Brownies, Birthday Cake) and I miss these folks quite a bit we haven't really had our Christmas tradition in recent years because everyone's out of the country and stuff. The girls squeezed into my room to paint their nails a million colors. I'm really glad I'm not sleeping there tonight:) HAPPY BIRTHDAY EVANGELINE<3 Joeisme@hotmail.com incident. And talking about old St Hilda's. And Australia. And accents. I wrote Christmas cards while they were busy drowning my room with poisonous fumes. I think the adults were afraid we got too high. Coming from them anyway? Every five seconds they'd erupt into roaring laughter. Dad drove me over to Amanda's close to 2am. Christmas with the girls!!!:) We took all these retarded videos hahahahahahaha. Coolio mongolio in our Old Navy pj pants and funky headgear. I'm really happy because today I prayed from the bottom of my heart for the first time in what seems like an eternity. And tomorrow Bryan's getting baptized. Christmas is definitely the best holiday ever (worst being Chinese New Year) can't wait for laterrrr I'm gonna take a short two-hour nap now!


I want to be the January me [Dec 22 2009 / 1:25am]
(via fuckyeahskinnybitch)

U(nic)qlo [Dec 21 2009 / 3:08am]
After church, I took 133 down to meet Amanda outside Topshop. Popped by to say hi to Nicole, then we went on our little adventure (who am I kidding) that left painful blisters on Amanda's feet (sorry dearie). Collected film at Burlington!!!! Happykid123. We walked over to Haji Lane. Pluck, lychee martini ice cream! They were blasting awful music at the flea. I wish I brought a camera. Amanda did some Christmas shopping for her parents & Kevin and we killed time till Nic knocked off. I'm so glad the bestfriend's back! Bumped into Sapee & Shu at Topshop:) Saw Judith & Joshua. Then Samantha & Sherry at 313's Forever 21. "It's like 4 stories of heaven!!!!" (but more like 4 stories of hell for the boyfriends) We tried on the craziest pair of heels at New Look! I felt like 180cm tall wearing them. Laughed really hard on the MRT and at the "slope" I haven't laughed like that since forever. Dinner @ Amanda's, wearing our smashing new Old Navy pj's and not so smashing Temasek Junior College uniforms (kiddingggg), I submitted the Atwood assignment at 11:59pm. K's gonna love me.

I'm totally stoked for Christmas:)

But the tigers come at night
With their voices soft as thunder
As they tear your hope apart
And they turn your dream to shame

Atwood [Dec 20 2009 / 3:20am]
I would like to be the air
that inhabits you for a moment
only. I would like to be that unnoticed
& that necessary.

RA RA AH AH AH [Dec 19 2009 / 9:16pm]
I saw Nicole today!! Sze-ern ended camp!! And Amanda's baaaack from the US of A!! Happy kid:) Hit town today with the twins. It was strange, like today's massive crowds and cacophony juxtaposed against "yesterday's" spooky ghost town feel. All in a few hours. We had lunch at Wheelock's Sun with Moon. I haven't had green tea ice cream since forever so it was all good:) I love staring at people inside the Chocolate Research Facility from the outside. They're always so intrigued by the million flavors. Mom did her Christmas shopping. For once, I felt claustrophobic in a crowd so I just sat by the steps, plugging into the iPod and reading Housekeeping (IKR). And yes Fahmi, I multi-task well:D I'm dreading the arrival of midnight. Omg the Milo advertisement just played on tv and there's a segment with little boys with green shorts sprinting down the track that was filmed at SA. I miss school! (not school school, but you know what I mean)

December 19-January 11 [Dec 18 2009 / 6:31pm]


2. Paint something/anything blank and white

3. Bookstores





8. Start playing the guitar again

9.iPod makeover
10. Skittles Vodka!

11. Figure out how we folded these last time (honestly forgot)


13. La Vie En Rose


14. Read Alice in Wonderland before the movie's out next year


15. (technically done) Fill it up with quirky stuff anyway

16. 2010 Polaroid wall + the gorgeous Beatles poster + random magazine cut-outs


18. Dessert Day! Eat all you can;)

19. Or in a less crude manner, "Diversify~~~"

20. Try. this.

21. Spend a day in the bookstore "traveling" the world in the Travel section

22. Christmas!!

23. Bake out of this world cookies!!! (the ones below are o-r-g-a-n-s how cool is that)




27. Make literature notes actually legible and far more interesting

28. Learn Adobe Photoshop CS4

29. Fly back to Krabi, Thailand. If all else fails, Sentosa.

30. Reread A Midsummer's Night Dream for old time's sake

31. New Year's

32. Star gaze




Ruby Ruby Ruby Ruby Ruby [Dec 18 2009 / 1:19am]

I'm crossing my fingers (and toes) that I don't pull another 6am-nighter again. Strangely enough, it only happens in Singapore. I actually woke up at 6am while we were camping by the beach in Krabi! Anyway, yesterday I realized that I actually sorta miss being home.

(cue Tumblr.com distraction)

Now I'm craving for dark chocolate ice cream. Of which you can actually taste the chocolate within. I could use like a dozen scoops or an entire pint.

Yesterday (it's 1:04am) was spent sleeping 5 hours, eating mee pok for lunch (I actually really hate this and have reinforced this notion on several occasions but my parents love to buy it for me anyway), almost crashing Fatz's war zone, wandering through Ion with Fahms (and arriving at the conclusion that every store is having a sale), studying at Lido (so far I've finished Oranges Are Not The Only Fruit and I'm slowwwly crawwwling past Chapter 7 of Housekeeping), Toffee Nut Latte (with toffee syrup finally!), passing Starbucks napkin notes, talking to Nadia!!! on the phone, browsing Facebook, spacing out, finally realizing Bad Romance was Bad Romance (it makes sense now!!!!), ayam penyet for dinner with Alfi's family hahahahahahahahaha.

Sometimes I wish I could pack all my friends into one luggage so we could all travel the world simultaneously without worrying about the different destinations we're headed to. And I realize today I've mentioned "I miss......" like only a gazillion times.

To-do list:
1. Formulate a to-do list

To infinity [Dec 10 2009 / 5:34pm]
Fahmi Is Superduper Awesome! called and I didn't pick up in time so I called Fahmi Is Superduper Awesome! back and.... "User Busy" (why is he superduper awesome anyway?) Anyway yesterday was fine and dandy. Solved a 3am mystery with Moo. That was fun! We sent Amanda off at the airport at dawn. I couldn't walk in a straight line:( Apparently. I hope she has fun partying in the USA!! We (Adaleen, Aman & Sze-ern) had breakfast at Ya Kun. French toast with Kaya!!!!! Zee bomb. And then I took the bus home in my half-asleep state. Woke up in the afternoon and met the kids in town for shopping. Nicole had her day off yay!! Bumped into Helios outside Bershka (kinda hard to miss when he's so tall) Walked through Ion without stepping into Topshop at all. Saw a couple of familiar faces. Wanted to get sneakers from New Look for school but I think I'll forget by the time I get back from Krabi *crab claw movement* I'm so excited anyway!!!!! We had dinner together with Twohill (ha-ha-ha) then shopped till our feet hurt and the stores closed. Finally slept in today:) Melted in the sun on my way to school (I miss wearing the uniform so much!!!!!!!!! I didn't realize that) to collect Richard III and pass photos to Weng. Read a little bit of the holy Monocle while waiting for pancakes. Wow it's 5.30pm already!!!!!! ACFF later, then I will live the life of a happy crab for one week♥

Dance, Dance Christa Päffgen [Dec 09 2009 / 12:42am]
Photobucket PhotobucketPhotobucketPhotobucket

So the game plan is............. reverse psychology on the malfunctioned body clock in Krabi, Thailand so maybe after 6 days I'll revert back to normality. Who am I kidding, that wasn't much of a plan. I'm very curious and nervous to see how the two film rolls + four special Made In Germany frames turn out!!!!! The wait is killing me, but I guess that's all part of the fun. I won't even be in Singapore to collect it myself but oh well. Today I woke up at 9am after four hours of sleep hahaha genius plan. And so much for feeling sleepy last night right? Half-explored the new 313. I hope Forever 21 opens by the time we get back. They should honestly bring in H&M there because otherwise it's almost like any other mall in town, replicated. We had lunch at Pasta de Waraku. I could've died because the portions were huge. Emerald Hill. Burlington Square. Surprised Nicole at Topshop again:) I miss that girl!

topshopsocks by you.

These are the cutest stuff ever!! (Okay Fahmi's rolling his eyes now)

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